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Who We Are

The mission of the Foundation for Cell & Gene Medicine is to serve as the education and information catalyst on issues fundamental to making gene and cell therapies, tissue-engineered products and other regenerative medicine treatments available to patients.

Foundation for Cell & Gene Medicine Programs

A number one concern of people considering gene medicine is the difficulty of making an informed decision. Patients and caregivers want to be engaged and educated about next generation medicines and are asking for educational resources.

FDA Approved Cell & Gene Therapies

A list of 7 cell and gene therapies that have been approved by the FDA.

What is gene therapy good for?

In human gene therapy, doctors modify a person’s genes to treat or alter living cells to restore function, reduce further damage and pain, or potentially cure the patient. 

A Better Approach for Rare Disease: Cell and Gene Therapy

Cell and gene therapies are a new treatment paradigm that seek to alter the underlying cause of a patient’s disease. With them comes the potential to alter the course of many rare diseases.

In many genetic diseases, there is an opportunity to correct the underlying dysfunction with a one-time administration of a therapy. That would provide either a functional cure or a substantial improvement in the patient’s health.

Increasing understanding of gene medicine can help involve more people in clinical trials to accelerate development of life-changing and life-saving therapies.

Increasing acceptance of gene medicine can help improve access to life-changing and life-saving therapies by giving patients and their families choices and options.

White Paper: Patient-Owned Data Collection for Cell and Gene Therapy Development

Many people seem to view long term follow up as an industry problem. How ready are cell and gene therapy makers for this task?  Robust data collection is a rare disease community issue because you are the people who are being followed-up on!

RARE-X recently produced a white paper with the Foundation for Cell & Gene Medicine.  The Foundation is dedicated to providing education, information, and research needed to expand patient awareness of and accelerate access to transformative therapies. The white paper explored the long-term data requirements for cell and gene therapies.  Read more about our partner RARE-X.

Clinical Trials for Cell and Gene Therapies FAQ

Cell and gene therapies hold great promise for some rare diseases. Clinical trials are an important step in helping us understand how well a new therapy may work. But the science and regulatory landscape is complex. Choosing whether or not to enter a clinical trial as a participant requires careful reflection and informed consent.

With our partner, Global Genes: Allies in Rare Disease, we have identified and answered some questions we hear a lot – we hope we’ve answered yours.