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Gene Therapy Vehicle for Sickle-Cell Disease Shifts Forward

A radically redesigned viral vector may improve the delivery of therapeutic genes to patients with sickle-cell disease. According to tests in animal models, the new vector is up to ten times more efficient at incorporating corrective genes into bone marrow stem cells than conventional vectors,...

5 novel immuno-oncology targets to know before ASCO

The failure of Incyte's epacadostat last year cooled enthusiasm for cancer immunotherapies designed to build upon the strong foundation laid by the PD-(L)1 inhibitor class, now led by Merck & Co.'s Keytruda. Yet early- and mid-stage work continues on agents that either block the defenses against...

WHO Gene Editing

14 December 2018 -- WHO is establishing a global multi-disciplinary expert panel to examine the scientific, ethical, social and legal challenges associated with human genome editing (both somatic and germ cell). The panel will review the current literature on the state of the research and...