About Healing Genes

Healing Genes is an education program brought to you by the Foundation for Cell & Gene Medicine.

HealingGenes is the flagship program of the Foundation for Cell & Gene Medicine because the Foundation wants to provide accurate, jargon-free ways to learn about the science, benefits, limitations, and possible risks of therapeutic cell and gene medicine technologies.

HealingGenes educational program delivers pertinent, understandable information to individuals, patients, caregivers, and professionals though this website.

The Foundation’s seminars, webinars, panel presentations, infographics, and videos are other ways we hope to raise awareness and understanding of the potential transformation to healthcare made possible by cell and gene medicine.

We are grateful to the supporters of the Foundation for Cell & Gene Medicine who make our work possible.

We build communities because we are a community. These partnerships are essential to us achieving our goals.

We believe that gene medicine will achieve its vast potential only when the public, patients, and caregivers understand and accept it as a safe and effective therapeutic option. Our programs and initiatives are led by steering committees comprised of the field’s top leaders in patient advocacy, communications, health economics, public policy, market access, manufacturing, precision medicine, patient education, and engagement. These partners and collaborators are dedicated, knowledgeable, passionate and have deep experience drawing together scientific and medical communities with patients and patient support organizations.


Healing Genes is brought to you by the Foundation for Cell & Gene Medicine.

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