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Many of us are inspired by someone in our community who is living with a painful, disabling or terminal disease. At the Foundation for Cell & Cene Medicine, we know that these diseases affect people living with debilitating or life-threatening symptoms, and significantly impact their families and caregivers.

We have learned that families, caregivers, patient organization leaders, and other advocates seek information about cell and gene medicines, and that is why we have created this Healing Genes website. We want you to know about understanding cell and gene medicine.

Cell and gene medicines have potential to benefit millions of these families, many currently without adequate treatment options. Unfortunately, patient access to these transformative therapies will not happen as quickly as we’d like until cell and gene medicine is better understood and patients are comfortable exploring these technologies as potential treatment options.

Cell and gene medicine will achieve its vast potential only when the public, patients, and caregivers understand and accept it as a safe and effective therapeutic option.

To learn more about the creation of Healing Genes by the Foundation for Cell & Gene Medicine, watch this introductory video.

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Transforming Medicine, Changing Lives

We are scientists, doctors, clinicians, researchers, nurses and technicians who focus on healing debilitating and in many cases, life-threatening diseases. We are the dedicated, passionate, developers of tomorrow’s disease modifying treatments and, in many cases cures. We hope you find a home here for outstanding ideas, accurate information, and amazing resources.

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Be the first to know what’s going on in transformative medicine research labs throughout the world.

Keep up with exciting developments in cell and gene therapy pipelines and connect to FDA news.

Find the right clinical trial and learn more about medical facilities.

New to Gene Medicine?

Our genes contain detailed codes enabling and governing everything that happens in our bodies. We are now developing clinically relevant insights into how they talk to each other, what roles they play in certain diseases, and how we can enlist them to unleash our body’s own restorative and immunological defense systems.

Healing Genes is brought to you by the Foundation for Cell and Gene Medicine.

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